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k0smotron as Cluster API provider#

k0smotron can act as a Cluster API provider for both control planes and for Machine bootstrapping.

Note: Cluster API providers in k0smotron are very experimental still. We're iterating fast on these but we'd definitely value your feedback how it behaves with various infrastructure providers.

Control Plane provider#

When k0smotron acts as a control plane provider it will create and manage the cluster control plane within the management cluster, just as in the standalone case.

Bootstrap provider#

k0smotron can also act as a bootstrap provider for worker nodes you want to manage via Cluster API. When k0smotron detects a new node that needs to be added to the cluster it will automatically create a new join token needed for the node and creates the provisioning cloud-init script for the node. Once Cluster API controllers sees the node initialization script in place (in a secret) the infrastructure provider will create the needed resources (usually VMs in cloud provider infrastructure) with the k0smotron created cloud-init script.