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K0smotron managed control planes are managed using custom resource objects.

kind: Cluster
  name: k0smotron-test
  replicas: 1
  k0sImage: k0sproject/k0s
  k0sVersion: v1.27.1-k0s.0
    type: NodePort
    apiPort: 30443
    konnectivityPort: 30132
    type: emptyDir

For full reference of the fields check out the reference docs.

K0s configuration#

K0smotron allows you to configure k0s via spec.k0sConfig field. If empty, will be used default configuration.

Refer to k0s docs for a reference on k0s configuration.

Note: some fields will be overwritten by k0smotron. K0smotron will set the following fields:

  • spec.k0sConfig.spec.api.externalAddress will be set to the value of spec.externalAddress if spec.externalAddress is set. If not, k0smotron will use load balancer IP or try to detect externalAddress out of nodes IP addresses.
  • spec.k0sConfig.spec.api.port will be set to the value of spec.service.apiPort.
  • spec.k0sConfig.spec.konnectivity.port will be set to the value of spec.service.konnectivityPort.
  • will be set to the value of spec.kineDataSourceURL if spec.kineDataSourceURL is set. will be set to kine.