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To install k0smotron, run the following command:

kubectl apply -f

This install the k0smotron controller manager, all the related CRD definitions and needed RBAC rules.

Once the installation is completed you are ready to create your first control planes.


k0smotron is compatible with clusterctl and can act as bootstrap, infrastructure, and control plane provider. To use k0smotron with clusterctl, you need to create a clusterctl configuration file. Here's an example:

  - name: "k0smotron"
    url: ""
    type: "BootstrapProvider"
  - name: "k0smotron"
    url: ""
    type: "ControlPlaneProvider"
  - name: "k0smotron"
    url: ""
    type: "InfrastructureProvider"

Once you have the configuration file in place, you can use clusterctl to create a cluster:

clusterctl init --bootstrap k0smotron --control-plane k0smotron --config config.yaml