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Control Plane Monitoring#

K0smotron provides a mechanism to expose child cluster control plane metrics to a Prometheus instance running in the parent cluster. This allows you to monitor the control plane components of the child cluster as the usual Kubernetes workload, using the same Prometheus instance that is used to monitor the parent cluster.

To enable the monitoring for the k0smotron cluster you need to set spec.enableMonitoring=true in the Cluster resource:

kind: Cluster
  name: k0smotron-test
  enableMonitoring: true

This will add two sidecar containers to the control plane pods: - monitoring-agent - a container that will scrape the metrics from the control plane components. - monitoring-proxy - a container with a proxy that will expose the metrics scraped by the monitoring-agent to the parent cluster.

All metrics contain the k0smotron_cluster label with the name of the cluster.