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Set up CAPI development environment#

To contribute to k0smotron, ensure you have set up the development environment properly. For simple development tasks, it is enough to install Go, and follow k0smotron GitHub workflow. For more complicated changes that require running CAPI (Common Application Programming Interface) tests, follow the steps below to configure your environment:

  1. Create Docker network:

    docker network create kind --opt
  2. Use KinD (Kubernetes in Docker) to create a Kubernetes cluster based on the provided configuration file:

    kind create cluster --config config/samples/capi/docker/kind.yaml
  3. Generate a custom image bundle and load it into the KinD cluster:

    make k0smotron-image-bundle.tar && kind load image-archive k0smotron-image-bundle.tar
  4. Release the necessary components and install them into the Kubernetes cluster:

    make release && kubectl apply --server-side=true -f install.yaml
  5. Initialize the cluster, patch configurations, and enable features:

    clusterctl init --infrastructure docker
              kubectl patch -n capi-system deployment/capi-controller-manager -p \
                '{"spec":{"template":{"spec":{"containers":[{"name":"manager","args":["--leader-elect", "--metrics-bind-addr=localhost:8080", "--feature-gates=ClusterTopology=true"]}]}}}}'
              kubectl patch -n capd-system deployment/capd-controller-manager -p \
                '{"spec":{"template":{"spec":{"containers":[{"name":"manager","args":["--leader-elect", "--metrics-bind-addr=localhost:8080", "--feature-gates=ClusterTopology=true"]}]}}}}'
  6. Deploy the Local Path Provisioner for storage provisioning:

    kubectl apply -f
  7. Extract the Kubernetes configuration for the KinD cluster and save it to a kind.conf file:

    kind get kubeconfig > kind.conf
  8. Run tests using the following command:

    make -C inttest check-capi-controlplane-docker KUBECONFIG=$(realpath kind.conf)

    This command runs tests against the control plane of the Kubernetes cluster deployed using Docker. It uses the Kubernetes configuration from kind.conf.