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Project status#

To gauge the level of interest in running k0s control planes as Kubernetes resources, we are releasing k0smotron at the earliest possible moment. Of course, as with any young project just getting started, there are bound to be some bumps, unforeseen issues, and a few surprises. In line with that, we can offer no guarantees regarding backward or forward compatibility, and you should expect a certain amount of breakage with each ensuing k0smotron release.

All caveats aside, though, we are truly excited about what k0smotron has to offer, and look forward to seeing how it can transform the way you manage your Kubernetes deployments. We are confident that the open source community will take great interest in the project, too, and help us to smooth out the rough edges in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Cluster API#

One key focus of the k0smotron project is to have it function as a Cluster API provider for ControlPlane, Bootstrap and Infrastructure providers.