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Control plane monitoring#

For the standalone and Cluster API in-cluster use cases, k0smotron provides a mechanism to expose control plane metrics of a managed cluster to a Prometheus instance running in the management cluster. This allows you to monitor the control plane components of the managed cluster as a usual Kubernetes workload using the same Prometheus instance that is used to monitor the management cluster.

To enable monitoring for a k0smotron cluster, set spec.monitoring.enabled=true in the Cluster resource:

kind: Cluster
  name: k0smotron-test
    enabled: true

Once done, two sidecar containers are added to the control plane pods:

  • monitoring-agent - a container that scrapes metrics from the control plane components.
  • monitoring-proxy - a container with a proxy that exposes metrics scraped by monitoring-agent to the management cluster.

All metrics contain the k0smotron_cluster label with the name of the managed cluster.