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Join a worker node#

Joining worker nodes to your control plane is similar to the process of joining worker nodes with k0s. You need to obtain a join token that establishes mutual trust between the worker node and control plane, allowing the node to join the cluster as worker.

To join a worker node to the cluster:

  1. Obtain a join token:

    1. Create a JoinTokenRequest resource to generate a join token for the worker node. For example:

      kind: JoinTokenRequest
        name: my-token
        namespace: default
          name: my-cluster
          namespace: default
        expiry: 1h


      The expiry field defines the expiration time of the token. Refer to API reference: JoinTokenRequest.spec for the configuration details.

      k0smotron processes the JoinTokenRequest resource and creates a Secret resource:

      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Secret
        name: my-token
        namespace: default
      type: Opaque
        token: <base64-encoded-token>

      The token field contains the base64-encoded token that you can use to join a worker node to the cluster.

    2. Retrieve the decoded join token from the generated Secret:

      kubectl get secret my-token -o jsonpath='{.data.token}' | base64 -d
  2. Install k0s on the worker node:

    1. Ensure that the k0s binary is installed on the worker node:

      curl -sSLf | sudo sh
    2. Verify that the k0s version in the worker node matches the k0s version installed on the control plane. If needed, you can adjust the k0s version using the K0S_VERSION environment variable.

  3. Join the worker node specifying the join token created earlier:

    sudo k0s install worker --token-file /path/to/token/file
    sudo k0s start
  4. Delete the JoinTokenRequest resource to invalidate the issued token:

    kubectl delete jointokenrequest my-token