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Contribute to k0smotron#

Thank you for your interest in k0smotron. We look forward to working with you to grow and enhance the product.

Report issue#

Before making your k0mostron contribution, open a GitHub issue in the k0smotron project to discuss your idea.

Subscribe to an issue to receive notifications and stay up to date.

Code of conduct#

k0smotron follows the CNCF Code of Conduct.

Coding guidelines#

k0smotron follows the Effective Go coding guidelines.

Development environment#

Ensure successful development by setting up your environment correctly. For basic k0smotron development, install Go, and follow k0smotron GitHub workflow. For tasks involving CAPI testing, follow k0smotron instructions on setting up the CAPI development environment.

Follow k0smotron GitHub workflow#

Ensure that your contribution adheres to the k0smotron GitHub workflow:

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Configure remote repository.
  3. Prepare feature branch.
  4. Test your change.
  5. Commit with a sign-off.
  6. Push your change.
  7. Open a pull request.

Test code#

All PRs submitted to the k0smotron project go through a series of tests and reviews. As such, you should run your own tests before you submit a PR, as this will reduce the number of review iterations and automated test runs. For detailed information, refer to the k0smotron testing guidelines.


In contributing to the k0smotron project, you agree that your submissions will be licensed as follows:


Get the latest news on k0smotron from the k0sproject Twitter account. You can also learn about k0smotron updates and initiatives on the official k0s community blog. Share your views on the Lens Forums.