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Testing guidelines#

k0smotron uses GitHub actions to run automated tests on all pull requests prior to merging. Pull request will not be reviewed before all tests are green, so to save time and prevent your Pull request from going stale, it is best to test it before submitting the pull request.

Run local verifications#

Run the following style and formatting commands to fix or check-in the changes:

  1. Verify code style using golangci-lint. In the root directory of the repository run:

    make lint

    The build system automatically installs golangci-lint.

  2. Format Go source code using the go fmt command:

    go fmt ./...
  3. Check documentation.

    The Dockerized setup is used to locally perform documentation tests. Run make docs-serve-dev to build documentation on http://localhost:8000.

    If your port 8000 is busy, run make docs-serve-dev DOCS_DEV_PORT=9999. The documentation page will be available on http://localhost:9999.

  4. Pre-submit flight checks.

    In the repository root directory, ensure that the following commands are successfully run:

    * make build && git diff --exit-code This command verifies that the build is working and that the generated source code matches the code checked into source control. * make test This command verifies that all the unit tests pass.

    Once all tests have passed, you can open a pull request upstream.

Open pull request#

Draft mode#

If you open a pull request in draft mode, it will only go through the automated testing. Once you decide the PR is ready for review, transition it out of draft mode to notify the k0smotron team.

Pre-requisites for merge#

In order for a pull request to be merged, the following conditions should be met:

  1. The PR has passed all the automated tests (style, build and conformance tests).
  2. All the PR commits have been signed with the --signoff option.
  3. The PR has been reviewed and approved by a code owner.
  4. The PR has been rebased against upstream main branch.

Cleanup local workspace#

Run make clean to remove all the intermediate files and directories created locally during the k0smotron build. You cannot use git clean -X or rm -rf, since the Go modules cache sets all of its subdirectories to read-only. If you encounter problems during a deletion process, run chmod -R u+w /path/to/workspace && rm -rf /path/to/workspace.