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I cannot join a worker node#

In standalone mode, check whether the join token has expired. If this is the case, attempt to create a new one using JoinTokenRequest.

In Cluster API, check the logs of your infrastructure provider controller.

Also, check to see whether different versions were used in the initial cluster creation for the control plane and the worker nodes, as Kubernetes is compatible with a limited number of different versions. For more information, refer to the Kubernetes Version Skew Policy.

MachineDeployment with Docker Provider does not function#

A valid version of spec.template.spec.version is required for MachineDeployment.

Overcoming issues with CAPD k0smotron child cluster deployment#

In Cluster API, check whether the MachineDeployment spec.template.spec.version field is present. If it is present, check that the version is supported by your infrastructure provider. Docker Provider relies on the version field for worker nodes, as it uses it to determine the docker image version for the node.