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k0smotron GitHub workflow#

Create pull requests to contribute to k0smotron GitHub repository.

Fork the project#

  1. Go to k0smotron GitHub repository.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click "Fork" and select your username for the fork destination.

Configure remote repository#

  1. Add k0smotron as a remote branch:

    cd $WORKDIR/k0smotron
    git remote add $GITHUB_USER${GITHUB_USER}/k0smotron.git
  2. Prevent push to upstream branch:

    shell git remote set-url --push origin no_push

  3. Set your fork remote as a default push target:

    git push --set-upstream $GITHUB_USER main
  4. Check the remote branches with the following command:

    git remote -v
    The origin branch should have no_push next to it:

    origin (fetch)
    origin  no_push (push)
    my_fork{ github_username }/k0smotron.git (fetch)
    my_fork{ github_username }/k0smotron.git (push)

Create and rebase feature branch#

  1. Create and switch to a feature branch:

    git checkout -b my_feature_branch
  2. Rebase your branch:

    git fetch origin && \
      git rebase origin/main


Use git fetch or git rebase instead of git pull to keep the commit history linear. The git pull command performs a merge, which leaves merge commits. Too many commits make the history messy and violate the principle that commits ought to be individually understandable and useful.

Commit and push#

Commit and sign your changes:

git commit --signoff

The commit message should have:

  • title
  • description
  • link to the GitHub issue
  • sign-off

For example:

Title that summarizes changes in 50 characters or less

Description that briefly explains the problem your commit is solving. 
Focus on why you are making this change as opposed to how.
Are there any consequences of this change? Here you can include them.


Signed-off-by: Name Lastname <>

To add some additional changes or tests use commit --amend command. Push your changes to your fork's repository:

git push --set-upstream my_fork my_feature_branch

Open pull request#

Refer to the official GitHub documentation Creating a pull request from a fork.

Wait for code review#

The k0smotron team will review your pull request and leave comments. Commit changes made in response to review comments should be added to the same branch on your fork.

Keep the PRs small to speed up the review process.

Squash small commits#

Commits on your branch should represent meaningful milestones or units of work. Squash together small commits that contain typo fixes, rebases, review feedbacks, and so on. To do that, perform an interactive rebase.

Push final changes#

Once done, you can push the final commits to your branch:

git push --force

If necessary, you can run multiple iteration of rebase/push -f.